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  • REMOVE cap and felt tip
  • PLACE end of marker in stain, pull handle which syphons the stain until fully extended
  • UNSCREW handle in a counter-clockwise motion, discard handle, insert felt tip into opposite end
  • SHAKE marker to agitate stain before every use.
  • WHEN READY TO USE depress tip gently on to a scrap of wood or paper until stain begins to flow, wipe escess with clean cloth

***Shipping costs based on bulk packaging. If you prefer to have each set individually boxed then the shipping rate is higher due to the size of the package. Call or Email for shipping rates.

Use your own stain to achieve a "Perfect Match". Just add your own water, oil, or lacquer based stain.

Perfect for your Customers to touch up scratches, nicks, nail holes and small imperfections. Can also be used for highlighting and straight line glazing. Perfect for your installation crew to do minor touch up work on the job site.

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